Requirements: Own DSLR camera and understanding of its manual settings

We will provide a model, makeup, all the gear and you will shoot her, with our trainer’s advice and supervision.

Get confidence with lighting, safety, planning, setting up and directing a model to get stunning results.
This beginners course in Beauty, hair and makeup studio lighting will show you how create different lightings styles and moods in just a few seconds.
Lighting can be made simple but very effective with just a little bit of knowledge and creativity,
and that is where this course comes in. We will show you the start with a very basic setup
which you will then change to create different results in seconds.

At the end of the course you will have a good lighting foundation that you can use for every indoor
setting, you will have confidence on how to direct a model, and you will walk away with some images for your portfolio.

In this session we will cover

• Using Studio equipment
• Camera settings for studio photography
• Different types of studio lights and controllers
• Studio Light settings
• Things to look out for
• Directing the model
• Practise on the model
• Changing the light controllers to achieve different results using Poly-boards and reflectors
• Working with gels
• Lighting for Beauty/Hair
• Directing models for Beauty shots.

7) Beauty, Hair & Makeup Practical Studio Lighting course

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New date coming soon

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Testimonials from our attendees:

This course was professional, productive and practical. I enjoyed every minute of it, and i didnt want it to end. Will definately book more of your courses. (Renato)


The training was very practical and makes me understand things, which were very technical and difficult to understand. I will definitely join you again. Your passion is very inspiring (Monica Del Vecchio) I have enjoyed the course and I learned quite a few things I was not aware of. (Paul H.)


I found this course to be very informative, relaxed, with great explanations, clear and concise. Picked up some valuable tips which i will surely be putting into practise. (Mark Nortcliffe)