In this quick 2 hours course we show you the professional's apporach to high end retouching. These are the techniques you see in all the glossy magazines. We show you top secret tricks and techniques tht will allow you to work miracles on any image.

And no, it's not all about airbrusing. It is much more complex than that. After this session you will have the knowledge and technique to enhance the face, hair, skin, eyes of the subject and yet make it look like it was never retouched.

1) Analyzing and preparing the image for retouching

2) Using the auto-correction features

3) Background and overall Tidying up

4) Removing imperfections

5) Basic skin cleanup

6) Skin Softening and sharpening using the High-Pass filter

7) Working on the Eyes, Eyelashes and Eyebrows

8) Working on the lips, Teeth and Hair

9) Light adjustments (Levels and curves) For specific areas selectively.

10) Making Color Balance adjustments with masks

11) Adding colour

12) Sharpening the smart way

13) Beauty Retouching

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New date coming soon

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Testimonials from our attendees:

So much information. Brilliant! (Ant Jones)


Loved the training, great experience. Thanks for explaining every detail and also letting the group asking question. (Ifty)


Really nice session. I have learnt more technical things. Funny and interesting, it is what I call “a way to teach”, the only way which works for me. (Susanna Ruiz)