In this course we start from the beggining and teach you how to have a good workflow discipline, organize and catalogue your work.

We take it step by step, but we do go into depth on Bridge and we will also give you a good intro to Photoshop, which is the Industry Standard post production software.
n todays digital world, Photography is only half of the process.
Retouching is a must if you want your images to stand out.

Even images you thought might be ruined can be rescued by knowing how to use Photoshop's tools.
Join us and we will teach you how!

In this session we will cover:
1) Working in Raw
2) Raw vs. JPGs
3) Digital Workflow in Adobe Bridge
4) Camera raw editing in Bridge
5) Introduction to Photoshop
6) Pallets and what they are for
7) Tools and what they do and their shortcuts
8) Working in Layers
9) Working with Masks
10) Levels and curves
11) Color Correction
12) Skin retouching

10) Introduction to Post Production

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New date coming soon

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Testimonials from our attendees:

I had a great experience, the explanations were very clear and informative; together with the practice it was a visual and graphic delight. I loved it and no doubt I will do more with you. (Sonya Hurtado)


I feel that the trainer covered the elements I needed to learn. He put things into easy to understand terms. I am looking forward to putting the theory into more practice. (Laura Dickson)


Very good course, great value for money; I definitely learnt new things. Informations overload but in a good way. (Sarah Tunstall)