When it comes to studio photography, there are so many gadgets, gizmos and gobos it can be
intimidating! Specially when you have so many expensive and fragile tools.

So, we designed a course to teach you and show you the insides of a studio, with loads of gear, what
they are for and how to use it all.

We will begin with showing you, and then letting you get to grips with everything.

We will also allow for you to get your camera out and get a few shots using different tools.

In this session we will cover

• Introduction
• Using Studio equipment
• Health and Safety
• Using a hand held light meter
• Different types of studio lights
• Studio Light settings
• Studio Light controllers
• Basic studio light setups
• Camera settings for studio photography
• Pollie boards and reflectors

After the course you will receive the written course material by email for you to easily recap the course
and for further studies at your own pace.

5) Introduction to Studio Photography

Monday November 26th
6.30pm - 8.30pm
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Please email us here if you have any questions about our courses, or if you are simply interested in any more dates or other courses we dont yet have. We would love to hear from you.


Testimonials from our attendees:

The training/Introduction far exceeded my expectations. The trainer was welcomeing, lively and engaging. There was a great mix of fun and knowledge. Thank you!

Mike Oakey


Very Good, lots of things in one course. Covered lots of tehcnicalities in a few minutes.


Marcio Soares


Enjoyed very much, lots of new ideas and happy with the fact you can use different tools to improve your shots.

Dina L.