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Our Portrait retouching:

Our professional retouching is about adjusting the image and any of its imperfections whilst keeping it looking genuine.

The basics we cover are:

  • Skin retouching
  • Colour balancing
  • Light adjusting
  • Background cleaning
  • Eye retouching
  • Slight shape shifting

We can adapt our retouching to suit your needs. We can also re-shape and blurr skin if this is requested, but we tend to prefer not to over do portraits as we want the subject to look real rather than over produced.

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Our Montage retouching:

We can do almost anything when it comes to retouching. Specially if we plan ahead. Like on this example.

Things we work with are:

  • Background changing
  • Shape changing
  • Light changing
  • Object adding and removing
  • Colour changing
  • Clean any skin imperfection
  • Contouring (Adding or removing brightness and shadows)
  • Colour changing, adding or removing
  • Re shaping body parts

Overall we can do it all, so just ask.

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Our Product retouching:

We have a very fast and accurate system to shoot products on white or black backgrounds. As well as any other type of more creative styling.

Things we work with are:

  • Background cleaning
  • Detailed retouching of any imperfections
  • Reshaping,
  • Saturating
  • Light adjustments
  • Any desgn service you may also wish to have

We can achieve very fast turnarounds and still mantain quality and detail.