Beginners Slr Photography Course 

Beginner SLR Photography - Part 1 & 2

MindStudio Beginners SLR photography course is perfect for those who are new to Digital SLR photography and need a photography course to teach them the basics aout great image making. Split into 1 hour theory and 1 hour practical. Click image to find out more about this course

 Improving your photography training course

Improve your Photography - Part 1 & 2

In this 2 hour session you will learn how to improve your photography once you have learnt how to
use the basic functions on you SLR. We will give you the knowledge to target any lighting condition. This course is also 1 hour theory and 1 practical.
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 Introduction to Studio photography training course

Introduction to Studio Photography

When it comes to studio photography there are so many gadgets, gizmos and gobos it can be
intimidating! Specially when you have so many expensive and fragile tools. We designed a course to teach you and show you the insides of a studio, so you can learn from our experience.

 Improving your photography training course

Fashion Practical Studio Lighting

This 2 hour practical course is designed for you to get practical experience with a fashion model in the studio and walk away with images for your portfolio. We will provide a model, Makeup, and all the gear and you will shoot her with our trainer’s advice.

 Improving your photography training course

Beauty Hair & Makeup Practical Studio Lighting

Another succesful course for gaining experience and images for your portfolio with the guidance of the trainer. We will show you how create different lightings styles and moods in just a few seconds.

 Improving your photography training course

Glamour Practical Studio Photography

This is another 2 hour course designed for you to enjoy and shoot images for your portfolio whilst learning how to direct the model get the lighting right and create different looks and lighting setups that go with the Glamour style.

 Improving your photography training course

Practical Location Photography

In this 4 hour session we will dedicate it to shooting on different locations every time. We will target all sorts of situations and both weather and light conditions, so you will learn in the making, how to target any condition you may find yourself in.

 Improving your photography training course

Introduction to Post Production

In this course we start from the beggining and teach you how to have a good workflow discipline, organize and catalogue your work. We take it step by step, but we do go into depth on Bridge and we will also give you a good intro in Photoshop.

 Improving your photography training course

Introduction to Photoshop - Parts 1 & 2

In todays digital world, Photography is only half of the process. Retouching is a must if you want your images to stand out.
Even images you thought might be ruined can be rescued by knowing how to use Photoshop's tools.

 Improving your photography training course

Beauty Retouching - Level 1

In this 2 hour course we teach you the way the pro's do it, with all their little secrets, shortcuts and techniques. But dont worry, we will take it step by step so you wont be left behind. You will need to know how to use Photoshop's basic tools though.

 Improving your photography training course

Creative Fashion Photography Workshop - Part 1 & 2

This course is aimed for those photographers who have an interest in fashion and creative photography. The purpose of this workshop is to achieve the skills necessary to produce creative images whilst using affordable low-end gear and lighting resources.

 Improving your photography training course

Studio & Flashgun Lighting Techniques Photography Workshop

This course is for the amateur photographer who wants to have a solid and comprehensive knowledge on lighting both in studio and location.
After completion of this workshop trainees will have the skills to use all kinds of light sources to create any lighting setups desired.