Beginners SLR Photography - Part 1 - £40

Length: 2 hours - 1 hour practical - 1 hour theory.

Requirements: Own DSLR camera + 1 lens + 1 memory card

MindStudio Beginners SLR Photography course is the perfect course for those that are new
to digital SLR photography and need a photography course to teach them the basics about
great image making. You will learn in a real photographic studio environment with working
professional freelance photographers, where you can soak up the knowledge you need to

dramatically improve your digital SLR photography skills. In this beginners photography class

you will learn all about the basic camera settings that all the professional photographers use

so that you can start to take the images that you always dreamt of.

In this session we will cover

•   Questions for every photographer

•   RAW vs JPEG - what and why?

•   Grip and stability

•   Questions about your gear

•   Lenses

•   Settings on your camera

•   Manual Vs Automatic

•   Aperture and Aperture Priority mode

•   Shutter Speed and Shutter Priority mode

•   Practical



Beginners SLR Photography - Part 2 - £40

Length: 2 hours - Split into 1 hour practical - 1 hour theory.

Requirements: Own DSLR camera + 1 lens + 1 memory card

This is the second part of this course where we will tie up what you learned on part one, with
what you need to know to understand completely your main camera functions and gain all that
creative control you want to unlock.
In order to move from Automatic mode to Manual mode, you need to complete both courses.
We will have one hour of practise so that you get to grips with your camera and all the knowledge
and tips you will get on our course.

In this session we will cover

•   Review, questions and feedback of Part 1

•   ISO and noise

•   Exposure and light metering

•   Shooting fully manual

•   Manual vs Auto Focus

•   White balance

•   Analysing images and their meaning

•   General tips

•   Practical

After completing both the theory and practical courses you will receive the written course

material by email for you to easily recap the information and for further studies at your own pace.